• Super Tannery Ltd, is the world’s leading Buffalo leather tannery and specializes in the manufacture of high quality leather for Automotive & Furniture Upholstery, Safety & Lifestyle Footwear, Bags, Belts, Sporting Goods and Equestrian equipment.

    Sensing the dynamics of the world markets, the company expanded and diversified into the manufacturing of Safety & Lifestyle Footwear, Bags and Belts, and produces high quality products for leading brands of the world.

    Set up in 1953, Super Tannery is the oldest tannery in Northern India and enjoys a high reputation in the world markets and has established an important position for itself in the global supply chain of leather and allied products.

    To know more about us, Please follow the link to our corporate video: https://youtu.be/rquAhH9LjnQ

  • A public limited company, listed at the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), it is run by an efficient team of well qualified and experienced professionals. Owing to a family orientated nature, major shares of the company are held by the members of the “Amin family” who are actively involved in business.

    Iftikhar Amin Imran Siddiqui
    Managing Director Director
    Iqbal Ahsan Arshad Khan
    Jt.Managing Director Director
    Veqar Amin Mohd. Imran
    Jt.Managing Director Director
  • The company consists of 7 manufacturing units, which are equipped with modern infrastructure of global standards. Each year, the company invests on upgradation and modernization of its machinery to enhance quality and productivity.

    Key suppliers of infrastructure:

  • Desire for innovation and total customer satisfaction drives the company to invest on Research, all around the year.

    The research includes:

    Adaptability of newer technologies.
    Enhancement of product quality..
    Innovation of products and designs.

    Physical and chemical testing laboratory ensures quality, safety and performance of materials.
    Pilot scale tannery for development of new leather articles and end - use specific product ranges.
    Design studio for a world class range of footwear, with region specific designs, for season wise exhibitions and/or customer wise preferences.

  • The company has invested and continues to do so, on the most stringent auditory regulations and compliances, which have earned itrespect and recognition from around the world.

  • To know more about our brands, Please follow the link to our corporate video: http://youtu.be/m6JJ35Xe32c

APLF Materials Manufacturing & Technology, Hong Kong
A + A Fair, Dusseldorf, Germany
Magic Online, Vegas, New York
Tokyo Leather Fair, Tokyo, Japan
All China Leather Exhibition, Shanghai, China
Award Given By Year
State Export Award 1st Prize Govt. of U.P. 2014-2015
Council of Leather Export 1st Prize Council of Leather Export 2007-2008
State Export Award Excellent Prize Govt. of U.P. 2005-2006
State Export Award 2nd Prize Govt. of U.P. 2003-2004
State Export Award Excellent Prize Govt. of U.P. 1996-1997
State Export Award Excellent Prize Govt. of U.P. 1993-1994
State Export Award 1st Prize Udyog Nideshalya 1987-1988
State Export Award 1st Prize Udyog Nideshalya 1983-1984
State Export Award 1st Prize Udyog Nideshalya 1982-1983
State Export Award Excellent Prize Govt. of U.P. 1980-1981

Certificate Given By Year
Certificate of 7 Star Exporter Udyog Nideshalya 2002-2003
Certificate of 4 Star Exporter Udyog Nideshalya 1995-1996
  • Super Tannery considers the environment, a supremely important aspect and feels directly responsible towards its protection and preservation. The company makes regular investments on technology and infrastructure to ensure minimal impact on the environment and surroundings.

    Important activities by the company, concerning the environment:
    Installation and use of screening machine to separate out, solid waste
    Installation and use of Dissolved Air Floatation System for an enhanced quality of waste water
    Use of nobel chemical technologies to generate relatively less and better quality waste water.
    Installation of Acoustic Treatments to ensure minimal emission of sound
    Participation in tree plantations all around the region, to promote better air and surroundings.
  • Giving back to the society is one of the prime responsibilities of an industry and Super Tannery firmly believes and acts on this notion. The company runs an organization by the name of Amin Welfare Trust (AWT), which is involved in education and healthcare, besides organizing numerous charitable activities in the region. To know more, please visit

    AWT operates a hospital known as Chaudhry Ehsan Kareem Hospital situated in the industrial area of Jajmau. It provides medical facilities in the fields of Neurology, Vision, Dentistry, Endocrinology and Pre/Post Maternal Care.

    AWT heartily accepts donations, no matter small or large. To make a contribution, please write to [email protected]

  • AWT runs an educational institution by the name of Super International School, which provides excellent standards of education at a nominal cost. The school campus is spread across a 9 acre green campus and is equipped with the most modern equipment for a constructive approach towards education. For more information, please visit

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Fax : +91 - 512 - 2460792
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